Tuesday, December 8, 2009

December News/Holiday Schedule

Happy Holidays from Marty and myself. (In Norwegian, Gladelig Jule and Godt Nytt Ar).

HOLIDAY SCHEDULE:  we will be CLOSED from 12/25/09 to 1/2/10 We will also close at 4:00 PM on Christmas Eve.  We will be taking a week off and visiting my family in Michigan (Marty is obviously not a yankee).

  • Breast Biopsies:  A new test called "Elastography" looks at the flexibility of breast tissue and may reduce the need for biopsies.  Breast ultrasounds spot more cancers.
  • Boost your immune system with the following:  elderberry, button mushrooms, acai berry, oysters, watermellon, cabbage, almonds, grapefruit, wheat germ, low-fat yogurt, garlic, spinach, tea (black or green), sweet potatoe and broccoli.
  • Lung Cancer90% of lung cancers are caused by tobacco use with over 4000 cancer causing chemicals in tobacco smoke.  Other causes:  passive smoke, asbestos, radon gas, air pollution, familial predisposition, lung diseases.  This is a cause close to me since my father died at 46 of lung cancer-he was a lifelong smoker.  What a waste-he never got to see most of his grandkids.  There are two main types of lung cancers:  small cell and non-small cell.  Small cell cancers are about 20%.  Non-small cell (adenocarcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma, large cell carcinoma, mixed) make up 80%.  Small cell are aggressive and metastasize readily.  Other types are less common.  What are the symptoms:  chronic cough, blood in the sputum, repeated bronchitis/lung infections, breathing difficulty, unexplained or rapid weight loss and/or fatigue.  IGNORING SUCH SERIOUS SYMPTOMS WON'T MAKE IT GO AWAY!!!  I have heard way too often "I don't want to get checked out because I'm afraid of what they might find."  Early detection is what determines whether you will survive or not.  Quit smoking now and improve your chances of living to see your kids grow up and your grand kids as well.  If you stop soon enough you may not have to drag around an oxygen bottle either.  Brutal?  Yup!  But there are a lot of ways to get help:  medications, hypnosis, acupuncture.  Trying to quit is not quitting.  You must become a non-smoker in your mind or you will always find excuses to light one up.  As to the dippers - the word is leukoplakia-pre-cancerous cells.  Cancer of the mouth or lip is a really unattractive way of dying as well.  I've seen leukoplakia in the mouths of 20-30 year olds.  All I can say is incredible.  The mind set that IT WON'T HAPPEN TO Me means you expect to die young enough that you won't get cancer.  Spare your loved ones the agony of watching you die a horrible death-figure out a way to quit.  If this section upsets or offends you, I apologize for making you aware of the realities of tobacco abuse.
  • DEPRESSION:  That last section probably depressed some of you.  Sorry.  The holiday seasons are often a time when people experience depression.  There could be many reasons:  loss of a loved one who won't be there for the first time, illness, missing family, financial worries (especially in this economy), loss of job, less sunlight, break up of a relationship, stress, to name a few.  There are many things you can do to help lessen depression.  Connect with family and friends-new media like facebook, myspace, twitter, etc., offer social media contact readily.  Find a new interest or hobby.  Avoid environments that are depressive. Get out doors as much as you can.  Don't spend beyond your means.  If times are tough for you, remember "this too will pass."  If your depression becomes overwelming, seek medical help.  There are many anti-depressants and anti-anxiety medications that can help you get over tough times.  Some need to be on such medications permanently due to altered brain chemistry.
  • CELL PHONES:  On again, off again.  Another study out now suggests that cell phones don't lead to cancer.  Use an ear piece if you are worried-it will make you a safer driver anyway.
  • STEM CELLS:  stem cells may actually be able to repair damaged hearts.
FROM THE WORLD FUTURE SOCIETY:  Some pressing issues we need to address in the next decade.
  • How do we deliver inexpensive and reliable health care to a rapidly aging population?
  • How does a civilization maintain economic growth and prosperity in the wake of overdevelopment, misuse of wealth, and profligate exploitation of resources?
  • Will the Internet bring democracy and freedom to the people of the world who live under authoritarian rule? Or will nondemocratic regimes appropriate the power of information technology to spy on their own citizens?
  • What’s the best method for educating our children for an ever-more competitive and demanding economic environment?

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