Tuesday, October 18, 2011

October Health News

Clinic News
In addition to Dr. Riggs receiving laser certification (Certified Laser Practitioner) recently, he continually works on upgrading his skills.  He is enrolled in Palmer University completing the last year of requirements for board certification eligibility in chiropractic orthopedics and plans to take the exam new fall for DACO (diplomate academy chiropractic orthopedics) status.

Nutritional News: 
Following below is bullets describing briefly some of the benefits of omega 3 fatty acids that are evolving from research.  Diets rich in omega 3s tend to have populations that are healthier and live longer.
  • Omega 3s
    • associated with decreased cognitive decline in older men and women
    • protects brain from severe stroke damage
    • associated with less brain shrinkage
    • krill oil works synergistically with other omega 3s to target pro-inflammatory factors in arthritis
    • krill oil with astaxanthin suppresses pro-inflammatory agents
    • krill oil + hyaluronic acid + astaxanthin reduces pain and resolves in more than half tested
    • rich omega 3 diets decrease cancer risk and reduce inflammation.
    • omega 3s soothe anxiety and inflammation
    • combat stress and cortisol damage
    • battle depression and anxiety
    • slash risk for premature death
    • decrease risk factors for metabolic syndrome
    • fights cancer in early phases
    • provide vital protection for kidney and liver function
    • may help prevent osteoporotic fractures
    • may help mitigate triggering factors for COPD

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