Friday, March 23, 2012

March Blog

Just a reminder we have moved to theColonnade (Chile's, Jason's Deli, Abuelo's area).  We are on the Southeast side of the complex opposite of where we used  to be.  Drop by and say hi.  We are right next door (right side) of the entrance to Tuesday Morning's.  Our overhead sign is up reading CHIROPRACTOR.

Nutrition News:

  • Alzheimer's:  6th leading cause of death in the aging.  Research at MIT has found a form of magnesium that targets factors involved in the onset of Alzheimer's.  Magnesium-L-threonate.
  • Inflammatory Joint Damage:  Stanford scientists have found that osteoarthritis has the same pro-inflammatory immune factors as involved in rheumatoid arthritis.  The drugs used to combat this inflammation, such as prednisone, may result in complications including obesity, diabetes and osteoporosis.  A form of undenatured type II collagen (UC-II) when combined with Boswellia serrata (found also in Osteobiflex-glucosamine + 5 Loxin) and glucosamine sulfate and boron.
  • Controlling after-meal (postprandial) blood sugar surges.  Such surges, especially after a high carbohydrate meal, can creat a diabetic-like state in your body lasting for hours and causing some damage.  The enzyme glucose-6-phosphatase detrimentally stimulates this process.  Chlorogenic acid (gree coffee bean extract) targets this enzyme and can blunt the post-meal blood sugar surges by almost 1/3.  You can also reduce the blood sugar drops in several wasy
    • Plant extracts-propolmannan, irvingia, white ean, green tea, cinnamon.
    • Optimizing DHEA levels
    • Healthy lifestyles-Mediterranean diet, avoid dietary sugars, exercise, calorie restriction (1400-1800 calories per day or less -hard to do).
    • Anti-diabetic drug metformin
    • In men, testosterone levels can reduce insulin sensitivity.  Optimal free testosterone in more youthful ranges.
High Blood Pressure:
  • Olive leaf extract (oleuropein)- appears to modulate arterial stiffness affecting blood pressure.
Manual Medicine/Chiropractic: 
  • Thumb osteoarthritis:  mobilization increased pain pressure threshhold but did not increase muscle function. 


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