Monday, February 1, 2010

February Blog on Aging and Nutrition

Marty's surgery went well and she is recovering nicely.

Nutrition/Alternative Medicine News:
  • Mimicing caloric restriction which aids in longevity through nutrition.  5 substances showing the most promise to mimic caloric restriction include:  resveratrol, pterostilbene, quercetin, grape seed extract, black tea extract.  These substances help prevent cancer, enhance glucose control, control inflammation, , optimize fat and carbohydrate metabolism
  • Excess calorie intake bloats our bloodstream with glucose, insulin, cholesterol, fat, and other products that are pro-inflammatory and predispose us to cancer, stroke, heart attacks, inflammation, and senility as well as other age related problems (Life Extension Foundation).
  • Carbohydrate Overload-as we age we are more likely to suffer from impaired glucose tolerance-we can't effectively utilize the sugars we eat.  It makes us prone to weight gain, type 2 diabetes, and metabolic syndrome (central obesity is one element).    In our excessive carbohydrate American diet it may be necessary to inhibit enzymes (amylase, glucosidase, sucrase) to regain glycemic control.  Acarbose (low cost drug) controls glucosidase, a nutrient compound InSea controls amylase and glucosidase, and white kidney bean extract and irvingia controls amylase while l-arabinose controls sucrase.  To combat carbohydrate overload your fasting glucose should be below 86 mg/dL.
  • Excess glucose:  converts to fat, increases triglycerides and C-Reactive proteins, deceases HDL (healthy cholesterol), increases blood pressure, may damage kidneys, increases risk for certain cancers and injures the vascular system.
  • Restricting calories is the key to taking care of the above problems but what about hunger?  Pinolenic acid (pine cone extract) decreases appetite without stimulants.  It reduces the desire to eat and makes you satisfied earlier.
  • Other options to emulate caloric restriction:  orlistat, acarbose, optimized irvingia and black tea.  Obesity is responsible for 100K cancers annualy.
  • Omega 3 fatty acids boot the benefits of glucosamine.  I'm vindicated.  I have been recommending a supplement triad of glucosamine + boswellic acids + fish oils (Omega 3s) for years.  Boswellia because it has anti-inflammatory properties as does fish oils.  So my combination  enhances the effectives of one component.  I usually recommend Osteo-biflex since it has glucosamine and boswellia (5-Loxin) in it.
  • Vitamin D:  low levels are associated with heart disaes, stroke, premature death and heart failure.  Long-term doses of D are well tolerated over an 8 week period.
  • Cancer Prevention Nutrition:  green tea may protect against oral cancer; soy shows promise as a colon cancer prevention; resveratrol may serve as a chemopreventative reagent for breast cancer. Vitamin D may lower colorectal cancer.
  • Lungs may be protected by anti-oxidants during flu season.
  • CoQ10:  key to heart health.  I also recommend it to counter the muscle side-effects of statin drugs.  Ubiquinol for is key.  CoQ10 also help counteract the stress to muscles after exercise.
  • Green Tea Extract may reduce uterine fibroids.
  • Low carb diet lowers blood pressure.
Medical News:
  • FDA has approved milnacipran, a dual serotonin- and norepinephrine-reuptake inhibitor, for the management of fibromyalgia. Medscape Medical News
  • Toilet seat dermatitis (butt rash) may be making a comeback due to harsh chemical cleaners and exotic wooden seats.  It causes a rash in the buttocks and upper thighs.  To avoid:  use seat covers in public rest rooms, avoid harsh cleaners and go back to plastic seats.


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