Monday, May 3, 2010

March Blog Update on Health

Office Note:  Note: I will be closed on Saturday March 6 and March 20 for seminars.

Heart Health (from WebMD):  Men and women experience different symptoms when having a heart attack.  Time is muscle, so early recognition.

Men Heart Attack (MI) Symptoms:  chest pain, shortness of breath, and fatigue are the most typical symptoms for men.

Women:   these heart attack warning signs for women should be considered carefully.
Major symptoms prior to MI             Major symptoms during the MI

•Unusual fatigue                                            •Shortness of breath
•Difficulty sleeping                                        •Weakness
•Shortness of breath                                      •Unusual fatigue
•Indigestion                                                   •Cold sweat
•Anxiety                                                        •Dizziness

Major symptoms prior to heart attack Major symptoms during the heart attack

•Unusual fatigue •Shortness of breath

•Difficulty sleeping •Weakness

•Shortness of breath •Unusual fatigue

•Indigestion •Cold sweat

•Anxiety •Dizziness

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